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Bornor Restoration, Inc. is dedicated to preserving your masonry building by
restoring weather-resistance, functionality, and beauty.

We are your number 1 choice for quality masonry restoration and service.

Types of Masonry Restoration

Tuckpointing Replacement of deteriorated mortar between brick and stone masonry. The mortar joints are saw-cut or chiseled out and new mortar is pointed back into the joint.
Caulking Replacement Removal of the existing caulking is most important for a proper bond of the new caulking to the existing surface.
Brick Replacement Saw-cutting the mortar surrounding deteriorated or broken brick and replacement with brick matching the existing as close as possible or using brick from less visible areas of the building.
Water Blasting Power washing all types of surfaces to clean unwanted stains from dirt & pollution to graffiti.
Sandblasting Cleaning and esthetically pleasing finishes such as exposed aggregate finish of concrete. Surface preparation for proper application of high tech coatings and patching materials. Using silica sand, glass, and corncob for a light blast.
Sealers Clear waterproofing sealers for masonry and concrete materials.
Coatings Breathable masonry coatings. Many types and colors are available.
Stucco Decorative plaster repair.
Stone Limestone, Fieldstone, Marble, and Granite repairs and replacement.
Lintel Replacement Cracked masonry at the topsides of widows and doors is caused from a rusting steel lintel. Rust build-up can lift tons of masonry a full inch, opening the wall to the weather and further damage.
Sealing Gutter Leaks Apply rubber coating to seal leaking gutters.

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