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Bornor Restoration, Inc. is committed to building your roof to last longer
than expected by our attention to detail and insistence on quality construction.

We are your number 1 choice for quality roofing installation and service.

Types of Roofing

New Roofing Quality new roof construction sets the standard for longevity performance.
Roof Replacement Removal of the existing roof down to the deck exposes deterioration that must be repaired for superior roof performance.
Roof Retrofit Re-roofing over the existing roof is a great option if the existing components are dry and sound.
Roof Repairs Repairs made on a regular basis will prolong your roof life and avoid severe damage to interior of your building.
Roof Leak Repairs We can find those elusive leaks that no one else can find. We repair most types of roofing.

Roofing Systems

Built-up Hot Applied Roofing The original flat roofing consisted of multiple layers of reinforcing fabric adhered together with molten asphalt or coal tar pitch. The basic concept of this design is the same as it was since the first flat roofs were built. In 1997 built-up roofing represented 18.5% or the New roofing market and 24.1% of the Re-roofing market.
Commercial Innovations Inc Durapax
Modified Bitumen Roofing Asphalt modified rubbery components, applied to a reinforcing fabric either polyester or fiberglass, making super tuff and durable roofing material. It is similar to built-up roofing because it is installed with hot asphalt or it can be installed by torching, cold adhesive, or self-stick applied. In 1997 modified bitumen roofing represented 19% or the New roofing market and 24.% of the Re-roofing market.
LiveRoof® Vegetative Roofing "GREEN" roof covering beautifies while protecting the roof from the elements and provides remarkable barrier to summer's heat and winter's cold. See some of our LiveRoof installations.
EPDM Single-Ply Rubber Roofing Developed in the 60's, a sheet of rubber is applied by Loose Laid with gravel Ballast, Adhered with contact adhesive or hot asphalt and mechanically fastened with screw and plates. In 1997 EPDM roofing represented 30.3% or the New roofing market and 22.9% of the Re-roofing market.

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